Tuesday, April 10, 2018

How to Dress When shopping at The Manhattan Vintage Show

I'll never forget the first time I went to The Manhattan Vintage Show. I had been hearing about this vintage shopping event for ages and always wanted to go. And one day a vintage-loving friend invited me and my jaw nearly dropped the moment I walked through the doors. There just was too much vintage amazingness that I could hardly take it. I had just started blogging at the time and couldn't believe that I hadn't been sooner since I had been in love with vintage for years. There are other vintage shopping events but I have to be honest and say that over the years The Manhattan Vintage Show has become my favorite show because the vendors have such amazing and curated vintage collections and since I'm always shopping on a budget I always seem to leave with a bag full of vintage goodies. It's a show for vintage and fashion lovers alike. Will I see you at the next Manhattan Vintage Show on October 19th and 20th??

I tend to spend hours at The Manhattan Vintage Show chatting and catching up with all the vendors and drooling over their amazing vintage pieces. But so many people have asked what do I wear when shopping at The Manhattan Vintage Show. Well, I always want to look cute when I'm vintage shopping but want to be comfy at the same time. Check out my tips on how to dress while shopping at the Manhattan Vintage Show:


Jeans are my comfy go-to since I don't really wear sweatpants. They come in handy when you try on cute tops and blouses. And you can easily see how they would look with jeans you already own.

Tank top

I always wear a tank top so that I can slip dresses or tops on over them in case I'm in rush and don't want to run to the fitting rooms to try something on. Because it was still a little chilly out and I wanted to look cute, I wore this vintage dress over my jeans and tank top. 

Comfy shoes

I wore these cute kitten heels which are pretty comfy but I switched to my converse the moment I left the show. I just couldn't run all my Saturday errands after the show wearing these pointy toe heels.

Large Bag

It's officially spring and since I have an obsession with straw and basket bags, I just had to bring this one along as my shopping bag. When vintage shopping it's always a good idea to bring along a large bag to easily carry all your vintage goodies!

Outfit details: Dress - L Train Vintage | Coat - Noir Ohio | Sunglasses - Beacon's Closet | Jeans - Levi's | Shoes - ASOS | Bag - Veer Craft Design

Thanks so much for reading!

Leigh <3

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