Monday, April 16, 2018

How to wear a vintage t-shirt

Are vintage t-shirts still cool to wear? Being a fashion lover, I probably should pay closer attention to fashion trends. But I tend to wear what I love, not what's super trendy...thus the looks I get sometimes from folks on the streets of NYC. Hehe. I admit that sometimes my vintage outfits look a tad bit costumey. But I've always been a huge fan of t-shirts of all kinds. For a while I was so into printed ones, then I wore solid ones like a uniform every day. I fell in love with vintage t-shirts when I first started getting into vintage fashion but wasn't quite sure how to wear it. 

I'll never forget being too shy to check out the vintage t shirt rack at Hamlet's Vintage years ago when they were located on Bleecker street. I don't think I ended up ever buying any at first but I soon developed my love of vintage skirts and dresses while avoiding the t-shirt racks. Lol! I've since then continued to admire vintage t-shirts while acquiring just a handful of them. I'm currently on the hunt for some awesome ones to wear this summer and can't get enough of this one that I scored my new favorite vintage shop, Wild Red Shop. You have to check them out by the way! And save 25% your entire purchase at their awesome Etsy shop with my coupon code SAVE25

And here are my tips on wearing and styling a vintage t-shirt:

Wear them with Jeans

Wearing jeans with t-shirts is my jam! I don't know what it is about this look that makes me so happy. But I love wearing any kind of t-shirt with jeans of all kinds. I often dress the look up a bit with a tiny heel, cute flat or flashy jacket and accessories.  

Dress Down Fancy Skirts & Pants

If you've been following me for awhile, you may have noticed that I love the juxtaposition of a super casual t-shirt with a fancy skirt or pair of trousers. After wearing a school uniform as a kid, I absolutely hate being dressy head to toe. So I always tend to wear pants, trousers, and skirts with vintage t-shirts. It just feels more me! 

Oversized Can Be Cute

I've learned to hit the men's racks for vintage or thrifted t-shirts. I love anything baggy but you can totally make a baggy t-shirt wearable by tucking it in or tying it in a knot at the waist. This tiny styling trick can make an oversized t-shirt look more dressy and wearable. 

Youth sizes are a Great Fit

My first vintage t-shirt was a youth size. I loved how it fit so snug and helped create a very flattering silhouette. So don't be afraid to try on smaller sizes of vintage or thrifted t-shirts. They look super cute with high-waited jeans or trousers!

Any Color will do

I used to only go for white or grey vintage graphic t-shirts. But now I love mixing colored ones with my bright and fun skirts and pants. I'm currently on the hunt for more colorful ones so I can play with this look a bit more! 

Are you obsessed with vintage t-shirts like me? What's your favorite way to wear them??

Outfit Details - Beret - Gold Stuck Goods | Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters | Scarf & T-shirt - Wild Red Shop *Save 25% with my coupon code SAVE25 | Purse - Omnia Vintage | Booties - Nine West scored at Marshalls

Thanks so much for reading!

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