Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Jumpsuit Fever

Thrifted Jumpsuit from Beacon's Closet

Why, oh why can't I stop wearing jumpsuits. I wore one in last week's post, The Perfect Summer Jumpsuit and I think I proclaimed my love for them in a post or two last year. I'm such a creature of habit for just about everything in life especially when it comes to fashion. But jumpsuits are seriously the most comfortable thing to wear except for when you need to use the ladies room. Omg, the horror! Lol!  But when I wear jumpsuits, I feel so amazing for some reason. I've been into them since last summer and tend to snatch up every jumpsuit I lay my eyes on when I'm shopping either in stores or via Instastores or Etsy. 

But finding this one has a fun story to it. After brunching with my fellow vintage loving babes, @mcsaunders and @darlingdots one Saturday in Brooklyn, we headed to several vintage shops where I was on the lookout for jumpsuits for the summer. I tried on some awesome ones that I still think about a few of them because they were so good. After giving up looking for any and while trying to find my shopping buddies at Beacon's Closet, a pretty floral pattern caught my eye on one of the racks. I picked it up and literally screamed when I saw that it was a jumpsuit. I ran to the fitting room and did a happy dance and took some selfies (of course) because it fit like a glove! It was love at first sight.  

Are you hooked on jumpsuits like me?? How do you wear yours??

Outfit Details: Jumpsuit & Sunglasses - Beacons Closet | Shoes - Steve Madden | Bag - Veer Craft Designs

Leigh <3

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