Tuesday, July 10, 2018

How to rock dad sneakers

Romantic Dress with Dad Sneakers

Okay, so I'm not sure if dad sneakers are still cool to wear or not. But I've always loved them and finally took the plunge after my favorite shoe store ever, DSW, sent me a gift card. I was on the hunt for sandals but as it's kind of end of season for them. I  didn't really find any that caught my eye. But I did go gaga over these Fila Disruptor sneakers. I've wanted a pair for months and just had to get them since they're so cool. And I'm absolutely in love with their pretty blush/light pink color. 

In all honesty, I think dad sneakers are such a silly trend BUT they are so crazy looking that they are actually cool. But mostly I love these sneakers because they are soooo unbelievably comfy and they go with just about everything. But how do you rock these trendy and cool sneakers? Here are my tips for wearing them:

Dress Down Your Dressy Outfit 

Not sure if you know it or not but I love dressing down a dressy outfit. I live for wearing a denim top or sweatshirt with dress pants or a graphic t-shirt with a long, flowy silk skirt. For some reason, dad sneakers totally look amazing with any dress pantsuit, skirt or a pretty dress.

Go All Casual

Since they are sneakers you can totally go with an all casual look. This is something I hardly ever do anymore. But I love seeing them worn with jeans or a jean skirt and a t-shirt or tank top. I can't wait to wear them with jeans soon!

Wear them with Confidence

As with anything you rock, wear these bad boys with the utmost confidence because there is a chance that people may stare at you when you're wearing these too cool for school sneakers. I always figure people stare at my outfit out of admiration or confusion. Hehe! I always assume it's not the latter. 

Outfit Details: Neck scarf - Stella Dallas | Dress - Hamlet's Vintage | Sunglasses - East Village Vintage Collective | Sneakers - DSW

*although DSW sponsored the Fila Distruper sneakers used in the blog post, my opinions stated are 100% my own!  

Thanks so much for reading! 

Leigh <3

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