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5 Reasons Why You Have to Visit Lisbon

Taking in the beauty of Belem
The Tropical Botanical Garden 

The Feira da Ladra flea market
Strolling through the cool streets of Alfama
Avocado Toast at Nicolau
Street Art in Bairro Alto
The famous number 28 Tram
The very scenic Cascais

Visiting Lisbon, Portugal 

For those who know me, know that I tend to talk about Lisbon perhaps too much. And I think all my praises (and photos) of this awesome European city has convinced quite a few folks to check it out for themselves. Yay! And not sure if you saw my 5 Reasons Why I Love Lisbon post from last year. But after my second visit there in July 2018, I'm still 100% totally in love with Lisbon. And here's why:

1) Lisbon has such Amazing Food:

Anyone who's been to Lisbon will tell you how amazing and tasty the food is there. In addition to very tasty seafood (*I'm vegetarian but I'm the occasional fish eater especially when I travel), they have some of the best coffee I've ever had! Here are some of my favorite places to eat in Lisbon (and in nearby Cascais):

Gigante Croissant

My mouth is watering just thinking about the giant croissants at this place. They have them in available in a few flavors; classic butter, brioche and multigrain. They also have super delicious coffee a.k.a espresso. They speak English pretty well here. But please don't arrive super hungry because your order may take a little longer than expected especially if it's crowded. But this place is super cute and cozy and your meal or drink will be well worth the wait. 

Located at: Travessa dos Fieis de Deus 59BLisbon 1200-187, Portugal


If you're missing American style brunches or have a craving for super healthy food make sure you go here. This spot is super popular so be prepared to wait a while for a table especially during brunch hours. And this has to be the cutest restaurant in Lisbon. The best news is that they have vegetarian and vegan options. My espresso disappointed me because it was cold and my pancake was too dry but I was super sick so it was probably just me feeling under the weather. I can't wait to go back and give it another try. My hubby absolutely loved the eggs and avocado toast he ordered btw. 

Located at: Rua de Sao Nicolau 17Lisbon 1100-547, Portugal

Hungry Eye

I walked by this place dozens of times my first visit to Lisbon last year. I finally checked out their menu and ventured inside at the end of my trip last year. I'm hooked on the tasty apps and super cheap prices. I headed here as soon as I got back to Alcantara, a quiet neighboorhood in Lisbon and went a few times. They are vegetarian-friendly.  

 Located at: Rua dos lusiadas, 113_c alcantra lisbon, 1300-367 Alcantra Lisbon, Portugal


I'm obsessed with Indian food if you haven't guessed. Lol. When possible I tend to eat it every day. Danfe is the first restaurant I ever ate at in Lisbon. It's actually Nepalese. But has the same dishes I'm used to eating at Indian restaurants at home. This place is super affordable and I've never been disappointed by any dish I've ordered here. 

Located at: Rua Gilberto Rola 26 30 AlcantraLisbon 1350-156, Portugal

Flamingo Cafe

I got the recommendation to go here from a YouTuber and was a bit hesitant to eat here at first because it's so touristy. But the food was so amazing!! It was a bit on the pricey side but the prices were in line with the rest of the restaurants in the area. A real plus is that the wait staff speak English. 

Located at: Largo Luis de CamoesCascais 2750-409, Portugal


I'm not much of a sweets person. I tend to have ice cream and gelato a few times a year. But I've heard such amazing things about the gelato in Porgual. The retro vibes lured me into this super cute gelato spot. All I can say is that the gelato at Santini was possibly the best gelato of my life. It was so unbelievably fresh!

Located at: Avenida Valbom 28FCascais 2750-508, Portugal

Gandhi Palace 

Vegetarians rejoice! This was the tastiest vegetarian-friendly spot I've ever eaten at. My mouth is literally watering just thinking about the Bombay potatoes at this place. I pigged out on several dishes and like all meals I enjoyed in Portugal, it didn't break the bank!

Located at: Rua Frederica Arouca, 32Cascais 2750-789, Portugal

2) Really Good Vintage Shopping

I was a bit under the weather and stayed in the wrong part of Alcantara this trip so venturing out to vintage shop wasn't really that doable. I did try to visit them again but sadly they were all closed on Sunday. But my favorite places to vintage shop in Lisbon are:
  • Ás de Espadas
  • A Outra Face da Lua (Baixa)
They both have a great selection and are super cute. I can't wait til my next trip to explore other vintage shops in Lisbon. Also, make sure to check out The Feira da Ladra flea market held every Tuesday and Saturday for some pretty cool vintage and antique finds. 

3) Everything in Lisbon is so Affordable 

The one thing I hear everyone say about Lisbon is how cheap it is! Compared to my hometown, New York City, it's beyond affordable. A single shot of espresso in Lisbon is about $0.70 while it's about $5 in New York City. Eating out won't break the bank neither will taking the metro or grabbing a drink at a bar or restaurant. 

4) The Amazing Day trips

Lisbon is so easy to navigate via public transportation. And it's super easy to hop on a train for a day trip to nearby towns and cities. I chose Cascais since a college friend highly recommended it. Well after checking out every YouTube video and Google search, I was convinced that I had to check out Cascais. And boy, I wasn't disappointed. It's only about a 30-minute train ride from Lisbon. It's pretty touristy here but I absolutely loved the vibe of this beach town and the beaches are pretty remarkable especially compared to New York City beaches which aren't quite the cleanest. There's also Sintra which is most famous for it's super dreamy castles. I have it on my list for my next Lisbon trip since I didn't get to visit there this trip. But I highly recommend a visit to Cascais during the week as I hear it tends to be crowded on the weekend.

5) There's So much to See in Lisbon

In Lisbon, there's so much to see, do, discover and take in. I highly recommend checking out a tour or two or three with More Lisbon Walking Tours. I initially fell in love with Lisbon because of their super affordable and awesome tours. Between the museums, monuments, beautiful architecture, historic streets you'll definitely fall in love with Lisbon, I promise! 

Have you been to Lisbon? What did you think of this cool city? If you haven't been are you planning on going?

Thanks so much for reading!! 

Leigh <3

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