Monday, June 17, 2019

Why I Stopped Blogging

Why I took a Break from being a Blogger

OMG. I know, I know! I've LITERALLY haven't posted on the blog in ages. What can I say, life has been super busy and a bit too hectic. I'm super excited to be back though! I've taken breaks from the blog before but never for this long. I've thought long and hard about this post and how to explain my absence. Keep reading to find out why I took a break from blogging...

Why I took a break

Ugh. Don't you hate it when life gets super duper busy and you have to drop some things and focus on the big things at the moment? Well, I felt like there were too many things going on at the same time that needed my focus. With that, I didn't have time for much. Between planning a complicated move (I downgraded to a tiny studio apartment from a spacious two bedroom which is no easy feat), being away for work for weeks and just simply feeling burnt out, I had absolutely no time for my beloved photo shoots and blogger work. 

I also stopped using Instagram which never ever thought I would do. At some point in time, I had a serious addiction to the 'gram. Oh, the thrill of posting and checking every two seconds to see who liked your pic and commented on your post. Lol! I also just didn't have any new content to share. I felt like the Instagram gods were punishing me for posting too much recycled content. It was Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday like every day on my feed, hehe. My instafriends were looking at me for inspiration. I kinda felt like I was letting them down. In my mind, taking a break was much better than than continuing to post old outfit pics that my friends on the 'gram had probably already seen several times before. 

What I learned

A social media break is a form of self-care, am I right? I have to be honest and say that the time off was sort of nice and much needed. I was hoping to find myself a bit more. But was foolish to think I would totally transform into the woman I wanted to be over night. Instead, I'm totally a work in progress and it's such a nice, sweet journey. I really like the person I'm becoming and have gained so much more confidence.  

So what has this extremely long break from blogging taught me?? Well, a few things... 

1. Declutter, your life and your home. Only have in your life what you truly need and use and what truly brings you happiness

2. Social media is great and all but go out and live your life. Spend quality time with loved ones and friends. After several evenings of hanging out with a friends, I realized that I was using social media to stay in touch with everyone which is the new norm, instead of meeting up for girls night and catching up the old fashioned way. My new thing is to hang with friends at least a few nights a week.  

3. Gorilla Bins is a must if you're moving. They are plastic bins that are delivered to you for packing instead of getting cardboard boxes. They also pick them up in a few weeks when you're done with them. This post is not sponsored btw. I was just so pleased with them and their customer service, I just had can't stop talking about them.  

Where I'm headed

Well, I'm headed to vacation in a few weeks. Lisbon and Barcelona, here I come! And as for the blog and Pink Vintage Heart, I plan on sharing my love of vintage in a slightly new and better way. I want to continue to inspire other fashionistas to wear vintage and second hand. Cuz wearing vintage is sustainable and every little bit helps. 

Outfit details: Dress - CHC Vintage | Jeans - Coast to Coast Vintage | Shoes - ASOS | Purse - Sisters Vintage scored at the Manhattan Vintage Show

Thanks so much for reading!! 

Love <3


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