Thursday, July 4, 2019

How to style a vintage hat

Styling a Vintage Hat

I've been on a t-shirt and hat kick for the longest. Wearing t-shirts with jeans has been my thing for ages. But now I'm kinda in that odd transition of my personal style. My mood when getting dressed these days is keep it casual but add something to make it dressy. Someone once asked me how I put my outfits together. It's all about having a vision and trusting your gut. I visualize the look I want to go for, cross my fingers and hope for the best when I put the outfit on. The best feeling is when the outfit you envisioned turns out exactly how you pictured it. That was totally the case with this outfit!

I hunted around for ages, years actually for a hat like this. I was over the moon when I found it at Sisters Vintage booth at the last Manhattan Vintage Show. I imagined wearing it with a super dressy dress. But since that's not too much of my stick these days, wearing it with denim and a t-shirt felt so right.

I've been told that I wear hats a lot. The truth is at one point I was wearing the same one on repeats for like two years. I've since then collected a few more and tell people who want to wear and style a vintage hat to:

1. Wear what makes you feel great

Style is all about confidence. Hats can be so versatile and can make a fabulous fashion statement. Start with one hat and then start a mini collection. I have plain, easy to wear ones and also some slightly over the top ones that make a statement. I wear them on bad hair days and to add something to my look according to my mood. 

2. Dress them up 

Because hats are so versatile, nothing takes a pantsuit or silk dress to the next level than a perfectly coordinated hat. A brimmed hat or even a beret could do the job. The sky truly is the limit.

3. Dress them down

If you know me, you know that I love to mix casual pieces with more dressier ones. I love the idea of jeans and a t-shirt with this red hat that totally has a more dressy vibe. So don't be afraid to wear a classy brimmed hat with a casual summer dress. Remember just wear what makes you feel the best and wear it with confidence. 

Outfit details: Hat - Sisters Vintage scored at the Manhattan Vintage Show | T-shirt - The Dress Form | Skirt - Rebel Closet | Shoes - ASOS | Purse - Shop Cyan

Thanks so much for reading!! 

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